This is Patrick Plum’s Story!

My name is Patrick Plum, and I have chronic Lyme disease. You can’t see it on the outside and most people can’t tell unless they look closely. I, however, have not had a moment where I didn’t feel a symptom for over 4 years. Here is my story:

It was summer of 2012. I was living in the Midwest of the United States a few months before my 33rd birthday.

I had my dream job as a pilot for a major airline for 5 years. I’d been dating a girl for two years and had just bought an engagement ring. I was in excellent shape. I had just earned my first degree black belt, was teaching boxing and working out 2 plus hours a day. I was an avid motorcyclist and enjoyed sharing this passion with others as well as teaching people to ride.

On my days off from work I’d often volunteer taking friends and their kids on single engine airplane rides and taught flying part time at a local airport. To be cliche, I was living the dream. My hard work was starting to pay off. One day, I looked in the mirror and saw a big “yellow bruise” on the left side of my chest. It didn’t hurt, so I didn’t think much of it. Little did I know, this rash was about to change my life…

In August I had just returned from a trip to Jackson, WY. I’d also been spending a lot of time at my dad’s cabin in western Wisconsin. One morning, I woke up with a pounding headache and what felt like the worst hangover I had ever had. I tired easily and even though I continued to work out, Id get weaker. I thought I’d been working too much or was experiencing jet lag from jumping time zones frequently, but no matter how much I rested, it got worse. Then came a myriad of other symptoms. Digestive problems, swollen glands, fatigue, malaise, muscle stiffness and several others.

I saw MDs, chiropractors, NDs, nutritionists, dentists, physical therapists, infectious disease specialists, etc. After 36 doctors, including some very well known specialists, they found nothing major. Low magnesium, low vitamin D, high Mercury, and high cholesterol. Several doctors attempted to steer me toward a mental health diagnosis, but I knew my body and wouldn’t accept that. I decided to seek out a doctor who just treated Lyme disease, a LLMD. I fit every symptom of it. She asked if I had been tested for Coinfections which, like most people, I had no idea what that was.

In April 2014, I had an answer. I tested positive for several tick borne infections. Since I had what is considered “chronic” or “late stage” Lyme disease, I was told recovery would not be short or easy. This was an understatement. In May 2014, I made the decision that in order to fully fight Lyme disease head on, I needed to temporarily hang up my wings. My company has been a Godsend and told me to come back whenever I felt better. In May of 2015, I went public to friends, family and over social media.

It’s been the hardest 4 years of my life. Some of my symptoms resolved quickly and completely, others linger. Some of my friends and family amazed me with their compassion, others shocked me with their lack of loyalty. I continue to ride the roller coaster of symptoms. Above my counter with all of my meds and supplements, I have a picture of myself happy, healthy, and in my uniform at work. Since this is my goal and gives me something to work toward.

In the mean time, I’ve found a purpose in being an advocate for others suffering from Lyme disease since I know what they’re going through. The crushing loneliness and isolation, the horrifying physical symptoms, and fighting the fear that we may all be stuck this way. All while seemingly fighting this on our own with a large percentage of “modern medicine” ignorantly and foolishly turn their backs on us.

Since doctors are unknowingly poorly educated on this subject, and some don’t believe in chronic lyme disease at all, I’ve made it one of my goals to educate and spread awareness. Ive used my teaching background as a mode to educate. Some of my posts and videos are meant to hit people deeply on an emotional level.

Others are meant to entertain with scientific fact mixed in with humor. Since most people won’t get it until they “get it” (get infected), I have also made it one of my life goals to be a voice for the millions senselessly suffering in silence due to medical ignorance with Lyme disease. I have vowed that the rest of my life will be used to try to change this. I’ll continue to do this long after I’m symptom free and have my “life back.”

That tick attached itself to the wrong person!

Although, I firmly believe my story is still being written. Just like it is for you! There is healing from chronic Lyme disease. Don’t believe me? Keep watching!

I told my full story in a podcast with a functional medicine doctor. You can listen to it at:

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  1. Thank you for posting and for your YouTube videos , as well. My son is 35 and has had Lyme for 15 years, though we didn’t know what it was ’til August 2014. He lived with excruciating pain for years, pretending to be normal. His uncle asked if my son had the symptoms that another Lyme infected friend had ….insinuating doubt into the conversation. I am going to send one of your videos to him, hoping he will watch it with his heart. Thank you for bothering to educate the public though mostly preaching to the choir so we can feel some comfort in co-misery…? He has been in treatment with Dr. Jemsek for 3 years on pulsed oral antibiotics, we are now trying the Rife machine and may go to another doctor soon, as well. He lives in my house and does not work, sleeps excessively, and as it’s restful, I am hopeful this means he is healing. Best wishes to you, may your health be restored!

  2. Please check out the various internet videos by Dr. William Mount who is a huge advocate of the products Citracare (to destroy fungus, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens) as well as Immusist which changes the surface tension of water (to improve the cells ability to hydrate and oxygenate and eliminate toxins).

  3. hello, I was just diagnosed with lyme, avid hunter and outdoorsman , ive been sick with all the symtoms you’ve talked about for years and finally was diagnosed, thank god, !!!! ……. I was hospitalized 4 times in the last month ,lost 25lbs, and finally a doctor came up with lyme diseasese

  4. I was impressed watching the video of your symptoms in researching the disease. I live in Canada and have concerns for someone who has been struggling to Express his symptoms for years. I wonder if Chronic Lyme disease could be a possibility. In the process I learned about your symptoms and thought about how confections could masquerade as symptoms of Lime after treatment. I feel very compelled to ask you the following question because of my own experience with aggressive use of antibiotics. Did you ever receive a test for C. Difficile following the 30 days of antibiotics? It is something that is could explain ongoing idleness if the antibiotics you received were powerful enough to wipe out the good bacteria in your intestinal track. C. Diff is a serious life threatening illness but there are cases of people living chronic infection of C. Diff for years. Medical Professionals will resist acknowledging C. Diff because of its causes. If you have never been tested for C. Diff and received multiple courses of powerful antibiotics I would be very happy to hear from you to share my experience with C. Diff. And discuss with you causes and treatments. (I escaped the horrible cylw of illness of antibiotic caused C. Diff only last year). I wish you receive correct diagnosis(s) and fully recovery soon. It is not acceptable that your are still so sick. I owe my life to a very good advocate and family member who fought the doctors ignorance, denials and high handed methods. And in the …I escaped sickness.

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