The Year of Story “Party On The Patio” Launch Party


“The Year of Story” has officially launched & our “Party On The Patio” launch party last night at Tootsies was a great success! The Year of Story is to recognize all of the Lyme patients that are treated poorly by culture and society. They are rejected by the medical community and left with little hope, while suffering a devastating and painful illness. Those with Lyme disease, are stigmatized because of the misunderstanding and lack of knowledge around the illness. They are fighting a life threatening disease all to often alone and in the dark. Although their stories are tragic and heartbreaking, they get swept under the rug or lost in the mayhem of fighting for ones life. Rarely, do the stories make it back to the doctors.

Throughout history story has always been a part of disease, and through people’s story has come change, understanding, and treatment.

We are inviting all Lyme warriors in the south to be part of changing history and by sharing their story! We can make a difference and fight the misconception that Lyme Disease is not in the South, while garnering better treatment and care for those who suffer. Share your story with us so we can start making a difference in the community. To share your story, email us at or fill out our Contact Form.

Articles on our Launch Party:

Houston Chronicle

Images from our Launch Event

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