Shelley White’s Story

I will try and make this short and sweet, although there has been nothing short or sweet about my journey with Lyme disease. I am a 23 year old, and have been debilitated from Lyme for 2 years now. I got bit when I was 14, and it took 7 years for me to get diagnosed with Lyme. Doctor after doctor misdiagnosed me, leaving room for my disease to progress to the point to where I was unable to read, write, walk or talk. Over 10 seizures a day, and amnesia, are among the more serious complications I have commonly experienced. Migraines that last 4 months are a piece of cake compared to my other symptoms. When I first started treatment, I had a list of over 30 symptoms.

I taught myself to read and write again, using an elementary level grammar book. Still, things like where commas go etc. can prove to be extremely frustrating and difficult for me. Less than a year ago I got out of my wheelchair for the first time, but have yet to walk a full mile. I have lost relationships and what I once called my life to this disease. I stay at home all day, every day and cannot drive. I see other people my age graduating college, starting careers, getting married and having babies. I had to drop out of college, quit multiple jobs, got a divorce, broke off an engagement, and will never be able to give birth to my own children.

The saddest part is that this is not only my story. This is story of hundreds, of thousands, if not more people in the United States alone. I keep hearing stories of outbreaks of Lyme disease killing whole families in other countries, such as Australia. This is only the beginning of an already devastating and wide scaled epidemic. Awareness and appropriate medical attention for Lyme was needed yesterday.

We are given no choice but to push on. Join us in fighting for the truth to be uncovered.

“God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” -John 4:24

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