Party on The Patio for Lyme Disease Awareness

We can’t thank Tootsies enough for hosting us again this year in honor of Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Their kind team has been so generous to our organization. Last night, 10% of sales were donated back to TXLDA. From the wonderful food & drinks donated by Armando’s, to the team who flew in from Infusio in Beverly Hills, the event was made to create awareness & grow further understanding of Lyme Disease in Texas. Libby Watts, Board Member of TXLDA, spoke on our mission here in Texas & the next steps for our organization, while Dr. Phillip Battiade spoke about the 5 steps and 7 principles to health when treating tick borne disease.

“…For many people, the standard Lyme disease treatment of Doxycycline simply does not work. It’s easy to understand why when you consider that no two people manifest the symptoms of Lyme disease in exactly the same way. An integrative approach alters the environment in the body to make healing and an eventual cure possible.

That being said, the following seven principles are designed to work together and build upon each other to help you achieve real and lasting results. The seven different principles are: Re-establish your immune system, cell optimization, lowering your body’s microbial load, repair cell signals, repair cell, nerve & organ damage, repair genetic mutations & shift thinking from survival to recovery.” Read & understand his approach via his website:


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