Nina Siegel’s Story

I was just 17 years old when I was diagnosed with mono. Not long after that came fibromyalgia, arthritis, neurological problems, pain. Doctor after doctor was just another diagnosis. No one ever wonders WHY all these horrible things were happening to me. Every doctor had another drug or surgery they wanted me to try. I somehow graduated high school early by the grace of God and help of my teachers. I went through 2 semesters of college and barley passed, my third attempt I had to drop out because my brain had no use academically.

It look 3 years for someone to test me for Lyme disease and finally get a positive diagnosis. I’m now 20 years old and have never been sicker. I suffer from shingles, extreme arthritis, mold overload, gene mutations, no memory, no neurotransmitters, hormone problems, parasites, lymphedema, unimaginably horrible pain.

Every day I suffer waiting for the next place to go, or next protocol to try. I lost all my friends, no one ever believed me. Do you know why? Because it’s the invisible disease.
Everyone always asks me “how are you still smiling?” Honestly, I’m not sure. I have every reason to not be. But I know there’s a reason why I’m being put through all this. If anything I want my story to bring awareness, help others, bring a cure. I’ve lost 4 years of my childhood that I will never get back. The things I’ve seen and done, should NEVER have to happen.

I’m blessed with amazing parents and boyfriend who never stop trying to help me. I hope one day everyone can at least have a doctor advocating for them, trying to get to the bottom of Lyme disease.

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  1. I hope if anything the medical community reads these desperate and heart wrenching e-mails!! Two years ago I began feeling very ill after I went to dr for two infected bites on my spine.He had no idea what bit me and said they had already burst and sent me home with no treatment They became incredibly painful being directly on my spine and felt it had gone all the way to the nerves and still have a lot of pain 2 years later! .I remembered seeing tiny, tiny ticks weeks before this all took place on my Rottweiler and immedieley did treatment on her, house and yard!I had not seen ticks in 19 years as I treated my yard and dogs every year.I believed these to b baby ticks, before I learned of the tiny ticks that carry Lymes.It was chalked up to being Lupus, which I learned later this Bortelli bacteria is a very intelligient bug, that can actually change the DNA.My titters levels were thru the roof and and my white ct was less then half of what it should b! My Drsnwere very worried, but went in total wrong direction with it, treating me aggressively for Lupus I was diagnosed with 25 years ago.!!Of course what I needed were powerful parasitics and powerful antibiotic fusions.If I had been properly diagnosed when I went in with the insect bites, with fever and feeling very ill, I would b well today!!!Then came the paradites soon after the infected bite!.I had small white oval shaped worms and black insect like bugs emerging from my flesh in the 100’s!.I was horrified, as I am a bug phobia and take excellent care of my personal hygiene.I was given cream to put on my body 5 different times and only seemed to get worse.-I became more ill and bed ridden with severe pain, severe fatigue and weakness,debilitating headaches, constant digestive issue, horrible, very painful ulcerated bleeding sores.There is pain in my jaw and chin that is very painful to even touch and feel numbness in my face, jaw and chin now! 2 years later I have numbness in my face and even sounds like something is not working properly when I speak.The parasite activity has become overflowing and rampage! I have constant ear and very painful eye infections and constantly getting these alienated parasites out of my eyes and ears!!, I have constant and acute sinusitis that I I’m given antibiotic fusions for and is only time I have gotten relief temporality is from the antibiotic fusions and I tell them this over and over and goes to deaf ears!!!.I could actually feel the very painful die off thruout my entire body when given thev antibiotic fusion as it goes into my blood stream!!.I felt so much better for a week with no pain, energy and feeling normal for once, but was so short lived as everything came back seemed to b even worse!!My thumb nail has turned black and with continued dipping in bleach water and antibiotic ointment , it’s stopped the progress, but the part of nail that is black has already died. There is so much more going on and I could go on and on,but I want to discuss the immense anxiety and depression I deal with daily.I don’t know how I havent committed suicide and is something I have always been sooo against! After bringing in these alienated flukes , worms and other alienated parasites to my dr, I was hit with a semi truck at his reaction.I had already recently been to a dermatologist for the very painful disfiguring deep ulcerated sores.I knew he acted peculiar? Next day I went to my dr of 8 years who had been giving me the parasite local cream. I was relieved and hoped for answers and to finally get rid of these parasites and to find out what was causing sores that looked like flesh eating disease MRSA!!He proceeded to tell me, the dermatologist said quote : She is a heroin addict and is where the sores are coming from.I also went to the e.r at request of a friend and the nurse told the dr, I refused treatment and left and also said the parasites I brought to e.r were not parasites and was extremely rude.She told me I could b seen, but nothing was going to get done.So I left.She plum lied to my dr!!! I went there to b seen and y would I refuse treatment?? I am going to confront her and need to make a report!!So my dr tells me I’m a heroin addict and never in my life touched the stuff!! Also I refused to get treatmebyvand walked out of hospital which was a shock and total fabrication!Then he proceeded to tell me I was acting crazy when I trying to explain the bizarre things happening to my body.I have pics of the flukes I brought to him to c.He rudely with disgust, told me to throw them in the trash and wash my hands.Is this really happening, I was thinking???.I was in total shock and could not believe this was actually happening!!.To make things even worse, he then told me I needed to get drug tested! I then became angry but went and did drug test to reassure him I was not on drugs after leaving his office and it totally mortified and confused me!!! Of course drug test was negative!! Since drug test was negative, he then told me I needed to c a psychiatrist!! At this point I was LIVID!! If I thought for for one moment I was imagining all of this, I would run to a pychiatrist and asked to b admitted into a psyche ward.After years of being a normal patient, I suddenly became crazy!!Sooooo extremely cruel and sooo unethical!!! The parasite activity continued to get worse by the day and I had no idea what was happening to me and was terrified!! I cried often and kept thinking I had a parasite infestation that just needed oral parasitics to get over this.I wound up going to 7 Drs and being on medicaire/medicaid my primary dr who called me a heroine addict,crazy and treated me so cruelly, had to b approved by him being my primary care physician. He proceeded to tell all these Drs I was crazy and I was treated soon inhumanly by all of them!! I was living a horrible nitemare I woke up to every single day.My family and friends began to research it.I began having hair like things emerge from my flesh, that disgustingly and terrifyingly quivered and swayed back and fourth.They looked just like hair.I was horrified and terrified and just wanted answers and to get treatment.We found the Morgellans site and my nitemare became reality!!This was real and the more I read the more reality sunk in.I then thought for months I had Morgellans and I didn’t dare tell Drs and had absolutely no treatment first 7 mths.Then as I continued my research, I read all Morgellans sufferers were positive for Lymes and is when I realized, Morgellans was Lymes disease and is when I got tested for Lymes.I had two test done and both showed I had been exposed, so I couldn’t b sick according to Drs and just added to my added frustrations and i still got absolutely no treatment.My white ct was still half what it should have been and upon further research of the Western Blot Testing, if immune system is suppressed, the body is not able to produce the antibodies needed for this test and how incredibly innacurate this test is and am just beyond bewildered that this rediculous test is set in stone on a diagnoses for Lymes!!!!!!!! I finally got in to c a infectious Specislist that I had seen for many years.When u are on Medicaire/Medicaid ur primary dr has to refer u and who had to refer me, my primary care physician that fortwo years has done absolutely nothing, who called me a heroin addict, crazy amongst other unethical behavior!!!When I called my infectious Specislist to set up my appt after it was approved, they suddenly told me, he didn’t want to c me! I asked y and they had no explanation. Really!!Thank u primary dr, once again!!! Am I living in day of modern advanced medicine, yet am being treated so primitive and unethically??? I am so sick now two years later, still with horrible parasites, constant very painful eye infections and ear infections.Constant acute sinusitis.Terrible excruciating pain in my flesh, muscles and nerves I know is from the overgrowth of parasites, Bortelli bacteria and the co-infections and I know there is more then one co-infection.Constant digestive problems and can visibly c the parasites in my abnormal stools which are coated in puss and blood.The fatigue and exhaustion I can’t even begin to describe.The horrible headaches and confusion and forgetfulness makes u feel like ur losing ur mind!!Every muscle aches and they always feels so strained.Ive seen a great deterioration and visible shrinking of constant and painful muscles.The parasite activity either causes a burning sensation or a painful knawing sensation and can feel them litterally moving under the flesh! .The alienated parasites looking things are constantly emerging from my flesh and falling out and I find them everywhere and is just so disgusting and revolting!!!I also have done experiments with them, putting the hair like fibers in water and the parasitic worm looking things and they glow and glow very bright! The whole thing distorts and moves and will litterally scoot across the water.Its horrifying to watch and the tiny, tiny glowing parasites attached to the fibers and worm looking things move in odd form!.I have videos for anyone who wants to.c these allinated disgusting, revolting parasites that are in me and on me and photos of the sores,this disease and what it’s done to my body!!have cried soooo many tears of sadness, frustration, desperation, pain and total despair!! Living in Tx Panhandle where there is Lymes, but it is not noticed and Drs are totally uneducated here and don’t even know the symptoms to look for!! My chances of ever getting treatment are almost impossible!!! .I know after 11/2 years of intense research, I 100% have Lymes and the co-infections.I have spent over $5,000 on every natural parasitic and natural herbs, body cleanses ect to boost the immune system and heal the body to absolutely no avail!!I eat extremely healthy and only healthy organic food enter my body.How can this b happening in the U.S.A and to b told the only way u will get treatment is to go to a state that has frequent Lymes and educated Lymes Drs?? I can’t afford to do this and neither can 10’s of thousands here in Tx dealing with the same dilemma.Action needs to b taken and I feel this has become an epidemic because of lack of treatment and the co-infections.Any advice would b so appreciated and I hope I’ve helped someone in someway suffering with this dibilitating, horrendous disease!!God Bless ❤️

  2. I’m so beyond sorry you have to deal with this loss of your friends in addition to everything else. I pray that you get some relief soon, and that you continue to stay strong. I can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through. Love and prayers, Paula.

  3. Those of us who have contracted the Barrelia burgdorferi bacteria strain are all too familiar with all the the symptoms and misdiagnosis on the part of the medical community which seems to miss the only two factors involved. 1. We are dealing with a persistent bacterial infection which can be dealt with via prescription and/or natural antibiotics, and 2. It is a bacteria that cloaks itself in bio film to prevent contact with immune system antibodies and/or antibiotics of any nature.

    No one will ever be fully cured without addressing the bio film issue, as well as having an understanding of bio film cysts which may linger in ones body for a yet undetermined period time. Eliminate the bio film problem and eventually effect a complete cure. Eventually because of the unknown regarding bio film cysts which can indeed release live bacteria at some future time and require two things to be present to prevent the infection cycle all over again.

    Those two things that must be present is a bio film production inhibitor and a form of antibiotic. It is imperative to prevent live bacteria from creating bio film and bio film cysts before it can cloak itself to prevent antibiotic attack. Given the unknown factors regarding bio film cysts and bacteria reproduction therein it is likely that anyone having contracted the bacteria may well be on a lifelong regimen of the bio inhibitor and some form of antibiotic. In simple terms owing to the nature of bio film cysts there is no quick or immediate cure of a Barrelia burgdorferi infection.

  4. Nina Siegel, I am an ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, we have all natural plant based health system. These products when used correctly and consistently along with your meds may help you! I have seen many people have success with these products. Our products increase the health of the blood and the gut and fight yeast overgrowth. Google yeast overgrowth and Lyme disease. I would love to share more info with you, Sometimes we need more that the “medicines” rs prescribe.

  5. I’ve had it since probably late teens, diagnosed in early 40’s. I’m 57 yrs old now. In spite of aggressive treatment @ diagnosis it’s now in my neurological system

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