9k=-1Teresa Lucher
Teresa Lucher became interested in Lyme disease after finally obtaining a diagnosis for her numerous health problems. She has had Lyme and co-infections since 1973 and was diagnosed in 1999. She is the Founder and Leader of the Houston Lyme Support Group, which was established in 2004. They meet the second Saturday of each month at the Kindred Hospital, 3-5pm, in the cafeteria. She can be contacted at Teresa Lucher. Teresa has also been instrumental in establishing Austin, South Texas, and Clear Lake Lyme support groups. She is a tireless patient advocate, and her passion to educate the public about Lyme/tick-borne diseases has made her the primary contact for the Houston area for anyone looking for information and support. Teresa testifies at hearings held by the Texas Senate Committee on Administration to investigate issues related to tick-borne diseases in Texas along with Pat Ricks. She can be contacted at teresalucher@yahoo.com.

Jessica Brown
VP of Education
Dr. Brown is a Board Certified Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Anesthesiology at The Methodist Hospital DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center in Houston, Texas. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of St. Thomas in Houston in 1996 with a BA in Biology. She received her medical degree from the University of TX Health Science Center in 2000. She completed her residency in Anesthesiology at Baylor College of Medicine in 2004 and went on to pursue a fellowship in Cardiovascular Anesthesiology. After being exposed to a tick born illness as a young adult she has developed a passion for building awareness and educating the public and physicians about Lyme disease and other tick born illnesses.

libbyLibby Watts
Vice-President for Development
Libby Watts became very passionate about raising awareness for Lyme disease after being misdiagnosed by several doctors for over a year and told there was no Lyme disease in Texas. Libby was infected on her family ranch near Uvalde, Texas. Before being infected with Lyme disease, she owned and operated a boutique and salon in Houston. Libby continues to enjoy the outdoors with her husband and four children while being treated by a Lyme expert in Los Altos, California. Libby spearheaded the first major TXLDA fundraiser in Houston in preparation for the first Lyme disease awareness walk in Texas. With these efforts, Libby hopes more Texas families will be educated about the disease, and that better treatment will follow.

Dave Claunch
Vice President of Legislative Affairs
Dave has worked on several Lyme disease-related legislative and public affairs efforts since his wife was diagnosed with Lyme in 2008. Since then, he’s spent countless hours educating himself about the disease, the science behind the medicine, and the politics of the issue. Dave is a small business owner and the former mayor of the City of West Lake Hills in Travis County, Texas. He brings his knowledge of the legislative process and his desire to find meaningful consensus to his effort to advocate for better access to care for Texans suffering from tick-borne disease.

Diane Kahler

Diane became interested in Lyme disease in 2013, when her niece became mysteriously ill.  Soon afterwards her 14 year old son became ill and was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency.  Through further investigation it was determined he too had lyme disease.  After seeing her son through his journey back to wellness she began informing and sharing information about lyme disease with others.  She is one of the co-founders of the Kingwood Lyme Support Group.  The group meets monthly and attempts to have a guest speaker at each meeting.  Prior to moving to Texas, Diane served as a transport therapist for 18 years with UAB critical care transport team in Birmingham, Alabama.  She seeks to raise awareness and to provide hope to those who are fighting lyme disease.

John Pike
John became interested in Lyme disease after having been misdiagnosed multiple times then finally correctly diagnosed with the disease in 2002. He was subsequently treated successfully over a period of several years with an antibiotic protocol. John became interested in raising awareness for Lyme disease due to the difficulty that patients have in obtaining the proper diagnosis and treatment. He had to travel out of state for proper treatment and was fortunate to fine a LLMD that took insurance. John has obtained much information through involvement with the Houston Lyme Support Group going back to its inception in 2004. John is an Independent Geologist in the Houston area with a B.S. and M.S. degrees from Texas A&M University. He resides in Conroe, Texas with his wife.

Trina D’Aquila
Board Member
Trina developed a passion for learning about Lyme Disease after being diagnosed in 2013. Putting a name on a disease that caused her chronic illness for approximately 15 years brought a new lease on life. Trina and her husband, Doug, spent a vast amount of time researching the disease and treatment options. They are extremely grateful for the volunteers and patients who came before, sharing their knowledge. She considers it an honor to give back to the Lyme community. Trina enjoys being a happy wife and avid organic gardener.