Traci Hickey

Traci has an extensive résumé as an expert patient, having seen over 50 doctors in the past 6 years. She has traveled to 3 countries and 5 states on her journey to understand the connection between Lyme disease, toxicity and immune disfunction. From Hoshindo bee venom treatments to European stem cell therapy, Traci has run the gamut of conventional and esoteric treatments. This journey has allowed her to study and learn from some of the most respected players in this arena.

The “Lyme Experience” has been an awakening to how little is known and understood about Lyme, other insect-borne illnesses, and their coinfections. Traci is an avid student of the latest research and understanding of the current chronic infection landscape. She spends a great deal of her time helping others sharing her knowledge and creating awareness.

Traci is most passionate about facilitating treatment for patients and families that may not be able to afford it otherwise. So many people suffer needlessly because doctors and insurance companies will not properly diagnose or recognize Lyme. This forces patients to seek alternative avenues that are almost always out-of-pocket expenses and treatment costs quickly become exorbitant.

Traci is in the process of creating a foundation to help support those in need of treatment, but who cannot afford it otherwise. Traci is a Texas State University graduate with a BS in Physiology and Nutrition. She and her husband of 20 years have three kids. She currently thrives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but as the saying goes: You can take the girl out of Texas, but can’t take Texas out of the girl.


John Pike

John became interested in Lyme disease after having been misdiagnosed multiple times then finally correctly diagnosed with the disease in 2002. He was subsequently treated successfully over a period of several years with an antibiotic protocol. John became interested in raising awareness for Lyme disease due to the difficulty that patients have in obtaining the proper diagnosis and treatment. He had to travel out of state for proper treatment and was fortunate to fine a LLMD that took insurance. John has obtained much information through involvement with the Houston Lyme Support Group going back to its inception in 2004. John is an Independent Geologist in the Houston area with a B.S. and M.S. degrees from Texas A&M University. He resides in Conroe, Texas with his wife.



Lisa Todd
Vice President Of Development

Lisa Todd became a Lyme disease activist after learning that her symptoms she had been experiencing for nearly a decade were actually due to undiagnosed late-stage Lyme disease. Since her doctor was not trained in Lyme disease and missed the opportunity to eradicate the infection while it was acute, it went on to develop into late-stage Lyme disease. Had her doctor been properly trained in Lyme disease and had Lisa been given the proper amount of antibiotics that day, she would’ve had a good chance in preventing it from becoming a chronic infection. Since then, Lisa has found a way to keep symptoms at bay and maintain a normal lifestyle through the use of holistic and alternative medicine.  She has used everything from homeopathy and bee venom to hyperbaric chamber therapy and rife therapy throughout the course of her journey.  Lisa has made it her life’s mission to help guide others who are struggling with Lyme and to catalyze much needed change in regard to Lyme disease. She is currently working towards a master’s certificate in holistic medicine at the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology to help heal herself and others from Lyme. Aside from creating the LymeLightLisa.com website, she founded the annual Texas Lyme Vigil event in Dallas, Texas. She has testified on behalf of Lyme disease patients and doctors at the Capital in front of the Sunset Commission, and has been working with Lyme disease advocates to help change Lyme legislation in Texas. She has recently written a few Lyme Disease Awareness proclamations signed by U.S. Representative Tony Tinderholt and Senator Kirk Watson to help raise awareness for Lyme disease in Texas.  She is the President and Speaker Coordinator for the North Texas Support Group, and one of our newest members to the TXLDA board members with her eyes set on raising funds for children with Lyme.  She has helped to arrange speaking series with top doctors such as Dr. Lee Cowden, Dr. Daniel Cameron, Michael Wittstadt, and Neil Spector.  She is a guest blogger for the LymeDisease.org, and has been featured on Lyme Ninja Radio.



Carol Siegel

Carol Siegel is a champion for causes she believes in. During her career in public education she championed for child health and well-being including, fitness, Physical Education, child nutrition, and recess. (The legislative recess resolution she authored was passed by the Texas PTA in 2006).  Carol established the Grant Writing Department at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD securing several size able grants for the district, the students and faculty. She is a  long-time fund raiser and has worked on a multitude of events for many different charities. Carol organized and led a team which developed fund raising projects along with securing grants and corporate donations which resulted in purchasing and installing a new playground at Eagle Mountain Elementary. She also managed a aerospace company for 12 years whose main customers were Bell Helicopter, Augusta and the U.S. Government.  Carol is a two-time PTA Honorary Life Member, she has 16 years experience with PTA and PTO including two terms as President as well as multiple board positions. She has served on several additional Boards including EMS-ISD Education Foundation, Anchors for Life, Boswell Band, Project Dream Play, School Health Advisory Committee for EMS ISD as well as an advisory committee member for the Fort Worth YMCA.  Through the Lyme disease journey with her daughter, Carol became aware of the great injustice that surrounds Lyme Disease and got involved with the Texas Lyme Facebook page. She submitted testimony to the Texas Sunset Commission in 2016. In addition, she has educated and helped navigate many people through treatment with the knowledge she has gained over the years.  Carol has her Bachelors Degree in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Texas at Arlington.  Carol is a mother to 3 wonderful children and resides in Cape Coral, Florida with her husband, Adam, of 24 years. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering at the Fort Myers food bank, reading, walking, Bible Study, and traveling.


Libby Watts
Board Member

Libby Watts became very passionate about raising awareness for Lyme disease after being misdiagnosed by several doctors for over a year and told there was no Lyme disease in Texas. Libby was infected on her family ranch near Uvalde, Texas. Before being infected with Lyme disease, she owned and operated a boutique and salon in Houston. Libby continues to enjoy the outdoors with her husband and four children while being treated by a Lyme expert in Los Altos, California. Libby spearheaded the first major TXLDA fundraiser in Houston in preparation for the first Lyme disease awareness walk in Texas. With these efforts, Libby hopes more Texas families will be educated about the disease, and that better treatment will follow.


Sharon Schwans
Board Member

Sharon Schwans has been a Lyme advocate for over six years. She became very frustrated after she became sick in 2012 after a mosquito bite in her neighborhood. Doctors kept testing her for West Nile Virus, which came back negative numerous times. Sharon became her own advocate and through her own research asked to be tested for Lyme Disease after being told many times that there was no Lyme in Texas. She did test positive, and has seen many different doctors over the past 6 years. Her health has
improved dramatically, and she wants to use her experience with the medical community to help others who are afflicted with Lyme and co-infections.  Sharon has been a facilitator with the North Texas Lyme Group since 2017 where she recently chaired and arranged a meeting with Dr. William Cowden. She has also been on the planning committee for the
Texas Lyme Vigil.  Sharon graduated from San Diego State University with a BS in Marketing, and has an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. She has over 20 years of experience in sales and business development in the health insurance arena, and is passionate about educating and training. Sharon is married, has two grown sons, two adult stepsons, and loves to travel.