Gretchen’s Story

My husband is a victim of Lyme Disease. He started presenting symptoms in early 2008. After two years of misdiagnoses and treatments, we finally found a wonderful LLMD who started him on oral antibiotics. We started seeing many symptoms go away. My husband was finally able to participate in life again, even with many symptoms still lingering. My beautiful, lively husband went from having a demanding job, as a lineman for an electric company to someone who had to fight daily to get out of bed. Starting this new treatment made his unbearable headaches to headaches that were nothing less than excruciating. The last couple of years, his fatigue was bad with extreme leg pain. Even though he was still in pain, he had come so far being on antibiotic & IV antibiotics. With everything that was going on, my husband had to go on disability, lost his job, went on SSL, which caused us to lose insurance for our family. I had to go back to work for insurance coverage and to cover our $2,000 IV antibiotic costs. On June 22, 2013, I found my husband unresponsive by his truck. I performed CPR, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. He was 39 years old! My heart is filled with all kinds of emotions; extreme sadness & anguish. We have 2 boys who adored their daddy. We also have a girl that is daddy’s little princess, his death came 2 days short from her 5th birthday. We live in Marion County, TX. Lyme is in Texas.

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  1. I also have lyme still suffering. Had 15 bullseyes with memory loss speech of a 6 yr old. Each day a different day an a different lifestyle . Lost 4 yrs of my grandchildrens lives by being bedridden since 2008 fullblown infection. Tick infected turkey hunting in Missouri in spring1999. Very sensitive to antibiotic an / or supplements an treatments. Live each day to fullest with the help of GOD an family (husband an Children) working with doctors real not money hungry now.. thank God.

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