TXLDA welcomes all kinds of help. We have volunteer openings ranging from organizing an event to passing out our educational brochures to making phone calls. If you have a special talent you think we could use or just want to help in some capacity, please visit our Contact Form. Our very best volunteers have found us this way!

If you would like to organize an educational or fundraising event, again, please contact us through our Contact Form and the appropriate officer will discuss it with you. Some suggestions for community events are below:

• Walk/Run
• Spinning/Cycling Event
• Golf Tournament
• Yard Sale
• Car Wash
• Bowling Nights
• Comedy Club Event
• Rotary Club Event
• Motorcycle Event/Poker Run
• Swimming Event
• Triathlon
• Matching Gift Program
• Proceeds-Based Donation
• Seasonal/Promotional Event
• Bake Sale
• Recycle Collection Program
• Candy Sale
• Talent Show
• Style Show Education Event
• Screening of Under Our Skin
• Screening of TXLDA Public Service Announcement
• Boy and Girl Scouting Projects/Campfire Projects
• Faith-based and/or Youth Group Projects
• PTA Events
• Information Booth at Fair
• Power-Point Presentation to Civic Group