Debbie’s Story

19 years ago I went on a camping trip. All of us were flooded out. Within 2 weeks my sister and I became very sick. We thought we had the flu. We went to our doctor and he put us in the hospital. A internal medicine doctor took over. By this time I had the bulls-eye rash. My sister only had little red dots on her. We were given cortisone cream to put on the rash. Then put on antibiotics for about 10 days. After that the doctor did a biopsy of the rash. It came back as anon-decisive rash. I was feeling a little better but very tired.

After the doctor did a blood work on my sister and I it came back positive for Lyme Disease. The doctor said it was a false positive because there was no Lyme in Texas. Once receiving those results, I visited many different doctors. I was then diagnosed with fibro and chronic fatigue. Each doctor just kept giving me more medicine. After about 5 years I started having small seizures where I would just black out for a few minutes. I was put on more medicine for that. I then started falling a lot because I would have no balance. I went to a neurologist and found out I had an aneurism in my brain that could not be removed. I had 3 brain surgeries to have coils put in to to stop the blood flow. I am now in bed most of the time. I never get out of the house except to see a doctor. I wish I could find a Lyme doctor in Texas.

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