Brady’s Story

In Summer 2014, Brady worked and camped out at Camp Tonkawa, a Boy Scout camp in Buffalo Gap, Texas. After returning from his camp trip, he came home ill and had bites on his leg that the camp medic diagnosed as a “fungus”, but his bite actually matched a Bull’s Eye Rash.

Brady was a Senior in High School, a good student, ranking 14th in his class. Over the next 9 months, Brady experienced fevers, GI problems, hair loss, fingernail loss, lost 50 pounds, persistent cough, loss of peripheral vision, loss of sensation in his arm, severe headaches, chills, abnormal CBC, abnormal CMP panel; along with many doctor and ER visits.

In early March 2015, he received a positive Lyme blood test and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Brady was then referred to an Infectious Disease doctor, who ran tests, which came out negative. Since tests appeared negative, the doctor told him there was nothing he could do for him. By the end of Spring, Brady barely made it through his Senior year. He had applied for the Honors College at Tarleton University, but due to his illness they no longer accepted him into the Honors program. After a year of struggles, Brady was able to finally find a doctor to treat him for Lyme Disease.

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