Anonymous Story

In 2010, this avid hunter was bitten by a tick while hunting in South Texas. After feeling ill, he was diagnosed in 2011 with Lyme Disease with the standard CDC testing. He started being treated with a single oral antibiotic for 28 days. After treatment he was still not feeling any better and the Infectious Disease MD would no longer treat him since it was outside of standard IDSA protocol. Subsequently, he saw many other physicians for the various symptoms, but found no help. A Methodist Hospital neurologist even diagnosed him with ALS. By Spring of 2012, he was in a wheelchair, unable to speak or type. At this point, he was admitted into an assisted living home in Dallas, TX, seeking help from alternative types of physicians. None of this was covered by insurance. With there now being zero improvement and no other avenues open to him, he was placed in a nursing home in Huntsville, TX. On January 1st, 2015, he died to the illness of Lyme Disease. This was all caused by a tick bite while hunting in South Texas. To fight for Lyme, he donated his body to the UT medical researchers to help others.

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