Texas Lyme Disease Association works closely with many patient advocacy groups around the U.S. We welcome any affiliation that helps us advance our cause. Below is a partial list:

Lyme Disease Association (LDA)
Originally the Lyme Disease Association of New Jersey, now a nationwide umbrella, formerly California LDA (CALDA)

Tick Borne Disease Alliance (TBDA)
Dedicated to raising awareness, supporting initiatives and promoting advocacy to find a cure for tick-borne diseases, including Lyme.

Georgia Lyme Disease Association (GALDA)

Kansas Tick-Borne Disease Advocates
Advocacy, Education, Support for People with Neurological Borreliosis and other tick-borne diseases.

Kansas City, KS Lyme Association

Pennsylvania Lyme

Through the LDA, we are also affiliated with the following:

Lyme Research Alliance (CT)

Florida Lyme Disease Association

Lyme Assoc. of Greater Kansas City, Inc. (KS-MO)

Harford County LDSG, Inc. (MD)

Mid-Shore LDA, Inc. (MD)

Minnesota Lyme Association (MN)

Lyme Disease Network of New Jersey, Inc. (NJ)

LDA Southeastern Pennsylvania, Inc. (PA)

LDA Eastern CT Chapter (CT)

LDA Southeastern FL Chapter (FL)

LDA Cape Cod Chapter (MA)

LDA Corning Finger Lakes Area Chapter (NY)

LDA Pennsylvania Chapter (PA)

LDA Rhode Island Chapter (RI)