Our Mission and Values

TXLDA is the most reliable authority and resource for Texans seeking information about Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, networks of support, and the treatment of these debilitating diseases.

Our Vision

To eradicate Lyme disease in Texas through a combination of education, support, research, and the collaborative efforts of our people, our physicians, our communities and our legislators.

Our Mission

Our mission is enduring. It declares our reason for being and serves as the standard against which we measure our actions and decisions.
1. To inform Texans about the very real threat Lyme poses to our people, our communities and our state.
2. To provide patients and families with options
3. To inspire others to help and take action
4. To make a difference in peoples lives

Our Values

We have a commitment to:
Put the needs of people first
Build open and honest relationships through communication
Be passionate about sharing knowledge and information
Be compassionate with patients and their needs
Be helpful with a will to succeed
Care for our communities and our environment
At all times show respect for patients, families and local physicians